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Give them more than just a room.

During an ordinary Cdg airport transfer or Orly airport transfer, what is more fustrating than a client upset because the carrier you booked for him did not honor his commitment ? As a result : without even discovering their room, the client is already dissapointed. Recognized by hotels, resturants and other tourism actors in the transportation of people, our goal is to perfectly satisfy your clients in a way that they will have good memories of the services you offered. At Sayshuttle, every journey is at the same price, which considerably facilitates the pricing and allows you to set a comfortable margin. Moreover, there is no supplement per people or per luggage. A carrier that increases your margin as well as your customer satisfaction.





Paris shuttles, works council, fairs and much more

You need transport for your workers or your associates but you don’t want an unkempt driver, who would be systematically late and to make it worse who would be having personal telephone conversations during the ride ? Then, we are made for you. For all your professional events, Sayshuttle has at your disposal solutions which your associates will really appreciate while offering them quality transportation. Don’t wait any longer and choose our Paris shuttle bus for your trips and for all your other professional trips at a single rate. Services such as a Paris airport transfer measuring up to your brand.


For a succesful tour package.

What are the two main reasons for which a carrier can miss your client with the Paris airport shuttles ? it is either because the booking was not properly handled or a driver who lacks a bit of professionalism. Certainly, nobody is perfect. But what do you think of a carrier which you don’t have to pay in case of delays or if a key point in the Paris shuttle bus transfer is missing ? the answer is : it’s in his interest to do his job properly. At Sayshuttle, we have to work properly. That is what makes our Cdg airport transfer or Orly airport transfer unique. Certainly the best tour packaging on the market without slips. 

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